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Birds and window-panes

Birds regularly crash to death against large window-panes. These reflect the environment and to the bird it seems it can just fly on. Every year, ten thousands of birds, in size ranging from a blue tit to a sparrow hawk, crash against the window-panes of our houses, porches or greenhouses.


In order to prevent this, Vogelbescherming Vlaanderen (Bird Protection Flanders) designed self-adhesive bird of prey profiles that can be stuck on your dangerous window-panes. You can buy them at the Natuurhulpcentrum. These profiles will draw the attention of the birds and so they will notice the dangerous window-panes. You don’t have to worry: the profiles are not that terrifying that all birds will stay away from your garden.

This is the reason why our profiles are ineffective against birds that come to peck at windows. Especially during springtime desperate people call us to tell us that pigeons, crows, tits, etc. continuously fly against or peck at the windows, sometimes even until bleeding occurs.

Here again the cause lies in the reflective effect of the glass, because the bird considers its reflection as a congener that has entered its territory. It will attack this intruder until it flees. Of course, in the case of a reflection the congener will never do so. The solution is very simple: make sure that the reflection disappears and the pecking will end. You can do this by sticking a piece of paper at the bottom on the outside of the window-pane, by closing the curtains during the day or by placing a large flower box in front of it.

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