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Large flocks of birds

It can happen that large number of birds make parking lots, open-air storages, plantings, flat roofs of sheds, glass domes, etc. unsafe. These birds can be chased away in an animal friendly way.


The company Gregoire-Distributie from Overmere has co-operated with the Bird Protection (Vogelbescherming) to market a new device, the ‘DUOSONIC’. On a chip the sound of the kestrel, the hobby, the goshawk and the sparrow hawk, which are the natural enemies of many birds, is perfectly imitated and reproduced in pseudo-quadrophony. With the help of loudspeakers placed at the corners of the concerned ground, ‘harmful’ birds can be chased away. The device also deters rabbits, wasps, mosquitoes, caterpillars, starlings and sea-gulls if an adapted chip is used. For more information: www.gregoire-distributie.be.

Birds can also be chased away with the help of ‘scare-eyes’ or ‘terror-eyes’. These are colourful beach balls on which large, terrifying eyes are depicted. The balls dangle from a wire and can be hung at all possible places: in orchards, in the vegetable garden, in masts, at newly sown fields, at crop fields, etc.

Vogelbescherming Vlaanderen (Bird Protection Flanders) has tested these deterrents on a pylon of the company MOBISTAR in Herk-de-Stad on which hundreds of starlings gathered before leaving for their common roosting place. As this pylon was situated on the property of a car workshop, the bird droppings fell onto the repaired cars. After the balls were placed, the starlings immediately beated a retreat and have never returned since.

The ‘scare-eye’ and the ‘terror-eye’ (larger model with moving eyes) can be bought at ACD-Gardenproducts. For more information: www.acd.be

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