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Status and functioning


The Natuurhulpcentrum (Nature Help Centre) is a non-profit association. It is recognized as wildlife rehabilitation centre by the Nature and Forest Agency of the Flemish Community. This agency delivers special permits for the temporary keeping of protected birds and wild mammals. The Flemish non-profit association for bird protection, Vogelbescherming Vlaanderen, has recognized our centre as shelter for birds and wild mammals. The Ministry of the Flemish Community has recognized us as regional association for the protection of nature. Furthermore, the Natuurhulpcentrum has been officially recognized as shelter for exotic animals by the Federal Public Services CITES and Animal Welfare.


The daily functioning consists of:

  • The insurance of the permanency
  • The administration at the shelter
  • The collection of and the tending to the reported animals
  • The maintenance of the facility and the vehicles
  • the guidance of visiting groups

12 staff members, 2 caretakers, our committee members and some hundred volunteers daily ensure the good functioning of the Natuurhulpcentrum. The volunteers and the staff have taken training courses to learn how to handle wild animals, to use the facility, etc.

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