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Stone martens in the attic

The stone marten is an animal that has been putting up in attics more and more these last years. Contrary to 15 years ago, when we could only find stone martens in the south of Limburg, this animal has now conquered the whole province. Martens are fearsome predators that mainly hunt mice and rats. Unfortunately also chickens, pigeons, ducks and rabbits are on the stone marten’s menu. The only way to protect our small stock is by putting the animals in a solid and well closed off poultry house at night. It the animals are fed at night, they are more easily lured into their shed then in the morning. Ducks seek protection on the water. If their pond is sufficiently large, they are beyond reach of martens.


A larger problem poses itself when stone martens have chosen your attic or false ceiling as their residence. The animals are very noisy and can make holes in the ceiling, destroy the insulation or drag dead preys onto your attic. It is not always easy to chase them away.

If there’s a litter of stone martens on your attic and the nuisance is intolerable, it is possible to incite them to move by means of an aromatic substance. This anti-marten spray is available at the Natuurhulpcentrum. For information or assistance you can always reach us at 089/85.49.06. This spray contains aromatic substances which are unbearable to the marten, but are almost odourless to humans, cats or dogs. By applying the aromatic substance on pieces of sponge, cotton wadding or cloth, the product can spread throughout the entire attic. If the marten lives on a false ceiling or other places that are hard to reach, the odour wads have to be put into place through holes. Once the marten is chased away, the holes or possible entrances have to be closed off, so that the animal cannot return to its (your) familiar attic.

In addition to the spray can we also sell an electrical device. This produces an ultrasonic sound that stone martens are afraid of. They will run to find shelter elsewhere. The device costs € 45 (batteries excl.) and can function up to a year with two AA 1.5 Volt batteries.

However, we don’t catch the stone martens. Not only is it very difficult to catch a fully-grown marten, the only thing we can do is to release the captured animal elsewhere.

The anti-marten spray only costs € 25 at our centre. The electrical device costs € 45. Our shop is open from 9 A.M. until 6 P.M. It is also possible to order the spray can and the device and to have them sent to you. To this end, simply deposit € 30 (spray can) or € 50 (device) into our account number 235-0407227-33 (€5 shipping costs within Belgium) with the mention ‘stone marten spray’ or ‘stone marten device’ and we will send you the can or the device by mail once we have received your payment. There is no need for a telephone call in this case. You can also find the device and the spray in our e-shop. Click here to go to our e-shop.

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