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Visit us

To visit the Natuurhulpcentrum individually is only possible during our open house in September. However, groups can visit the Natuurhulpcentrum by appointment. We start our tour by watching a video that shows us activities the group cannot experience in real life, such as catching deer and an operation. After this, one of our co-workers accompanies us to the readaptation cages, we walk through the intensive care ward, the operating room and the cages with injured wild animals. We visit the large readaptation cages, the hedgehog cages, the water bird accommodation, the fox cage, etc.


A visit to the Natuurhulpcentrum takes about 2 hours, depending on the weather and the number of patients present. If desired it is of course possible to shorten the tour.

Food and beverage

It is possible to eat your brought along sandwiches in the cafeteria, where we expect you to buy your drinks. Consumptions cost about € 1.50. For an extra € 5 per person you can order 2 cups of coffee and a piece of pie. It is also possible to order sandwiches, for the price of € 1.50 per sandwich.


Working days: € 3,5/person with a minimum of € 70/group.
Weekends and official holidays: € 5/person with a minimum of € 100/group.

Information and reservations

Because of our busy schedule we can only accept telephonic reservations: tel. 089/85.49.06.

Open Sunday

Every first Sunday of the month at 2pm, we have an “Open Sunday”. At this time anyone can visit the Natuurhulpcentrum, accompanied by a guide.

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