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Who are we?

The Natuurhulpcentrum (Nature Help Centre) is a centre for the rescue and rehabilitation of sick and injured wild animals. Generally, people who are familiar with us have already heard of us because of one or our rescue interventions that were covered in the media. But the Natuurhulpcentrum stands for much more than that. Day by day we try not only to help wild animals, but also to enhance environmental awareness by means of education or actions to the benefit of nature. For this end, we can always count on the support of our volunteers. It is they who made the Natuurhulpcentrum grow into its actual state of largest and most professional shelter for injured wildlife in the Euregio. The Natuurhulpcentrum already exists since 1976 and counts over 14,000 members. 

What do we do?

The main activities of the Natuurhulpcentrum are:

  • To give shelter to sick and injured indigenous wild animals, to nurse them and prepare them for their return to the wild
  • To give shelter to exotic animals that were confiscated by governmental services
  • To give shelter to exotic pets that were given up by their owner
  • To place exotic animals in specialized shelters, reputable zoos and animal parks

Our final goal is to keep growing in order to be able to provide a constantly improving care to sick and injured wildlife. In addition, we want to become more wildly known which will automatically allow us to help more animals.


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